At Renaissance we believe in the whole development of the child and that exposure to the arts and to various forms of expression is key.  Below you will meet our various Enrichment staff, experts in their disciplines and passionate about working with young people.


kidzart  KidzArt

KidzArt is a drawing and painting based art program that has been around for over 25 years. Our preschool art program centers around teaching children to focus and to see how their wonderful world is put together. Through support, and direction, we show preschoolers how to put these shapes together to create a complete whole. We use a variety of materials and mediums that excite our students and encourage creative exploration. All of our classes are taught by certified KidzArt instructors.

soccer-ballAmazing Athletes with Coach Caroline

Caroline Jerger offers a once-weekly multi-sport sports curriculum that includes muscle awareness, fundamental sports motor skills, nutrition and more.  This class is offered during the morning recess time to all students at the Toddler level and above .  See registration form below to enroll your child.



Music & Mariposas, Private Guitar with Sandra Stegeman

Ms. Sandy offers a bilingual group music and rhythm class weekly to students.  This fun, interactive class engages children’s love of music and dance while helping strengthen their sense of rhythm, singing voices, spatial awareness and more in a weekly group class.  Sandra also offers private guitar lessons to interested students in a relaxed, encouraging setting.  See registration form below to preview or enroll your child.


Violin Lessons with Dana Friedli 

Dana is a founding member of Suzuki of the Triangle.  “Suzuki” is an educational method, which strives to create ability and beautiful character in students through a nurturing environment. Dana has taught at Heartwood Montessori School for years and is excited to bring her love of violin to Renaissance. Lessons are taught on Mondays 11:00-11:45. More information and sign up at Suzuki of the Triangle.


Children’s Yoga with Rakhi Kreymerman

Children’s Yoga with Rakhi Kreymerman on Tuesdays at 3:00.  Classes will be $45.00/month . Contact is if you have questions.  Registration forms at the front desk.