September 29, 2014:

Greetings Nido Family,

As we approach the end of our first 4 weeks of school, we’d like to remind you of how much we enjoy our time in the NIdo room with the infants and toddlers.

Thank you for the gifts of your children each day.

We have already made lots of progress phasing-in our full day children and helping ease transitions and seperations with our half-day and part-time little ones.

Please check cubbies for appropriate clothing changes as we move into a new saeson and cooler Autumn temperatures.  We plan to continue spending time outdoors daily; if you would like to consider adding rain gear (coats, boots, hats) to your child’s outdoor wear, we will assist dressing/undressing as part of our curriculum.

Please continue to label clothing, lunch box items and cups, etc. with names and dates.

We are currently introducing our lunchtime toddlers to drinking from childsize glasses, so don’t be surprised if they begin to express the same interest at home!

Thank you for all you do to support our NIdo infants, toddlers, and teachers at RMS.



Tricia, Chris Malti, Allison

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